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Meet Paul Beckett

Although Paul Beckett’s creates sculptural machines that measure time the display of the time is not the focus, but the underlying principle of each piece.

Although sculptural, his work is designed and engineered to be precise, having the ability to be compensated to within a second a month without human or digital adjustment. It is the juxtaposition between the fluid form and the enforced tolerance of the mechanism that fascinates Paul.

Paul thrives on anthropomorphic study, it being the back bone of his practice, having s particular fascination with body-language. The origin of any design stems from a narrative driven by research. Paul is fascinated by human behaviour and relies upon its study as a foundation to all his creative practice, be that ergonomic or philosophical.
He deliberately choose to work in many disciplines which he finds invigorates and energises his practice. He collaborates widely with people who inspire him, feeding off the dynamic established from inter practice discussion.

Paul’s work is manufactured exclusively in the UK by the most precise engineers, who routinely work to sub-Micron tolerances, typically from aerospace and medical materials.

Interests include Product-Design, Horology, Analogue Audio, sculpture, analogue, collaboration, sub- micron precision, creative engineering, concept development, mentoring, anthropology, physics, ergonomics, problem solving, gender, robotics, mechanisation, music and swimming in the North Sea.

Paul's Work

Paul Beckett’s work is a fusion of the very exact and the free. His ideas stem from the voids between these two disciplines.